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The editors are:

On behalf of The Other Space Foundation:

  • Anna Tomaszewska – initiator of many art and multicultural projects like Continent Warsaw, or Warsaw Multicultural Street Party. Coordinates work of other editors.
  • Katarzyna Kościesza – Warsaw Multicultural Center bulletin editor. Responsible for the expert module.
  • Aleksandra Górecka – co-creates Continent Warsaw and portals. Editor of Warsaw and all-Poland sections.
  • Marta Zdzieborska – cooperates with Continent Warsaw and projects. Editor of Warsaw and all-Poland sections.

On behalf of Homo Faber Association:

  • Piotr Skrzypczak – founder of association, activist and human rights educator. Editor of expert section.
  • Anna Kulikowska – cultural anthropologist. Editor of Lublin and all-Poland sections.

On behalf of Interkluturalni PL Association:

  • Ewelina Pychtel – culture expert. Cracow and all-Poland sections editor.

English translators:

  • Konrad Fertliński
  • Anna Orzechowska
  • Alicja Kosim