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Everyone, regardless of the place of birth, has the place which he or she always wanted to live in, or just see. Sometimes such attraction is born when watching a movie or a scientific program. You are sure: yes, I want to be there. Usually, we put such dreams on a shelf where they get covered with dust. But sometimes we do not forget about these feelings, and strive the dream to come true.

I was born in the north of Moldavia, in Bielce. Moldavia is famous because of horses and wine. Great number of Poles who were forced to leave their homeland in order to protect their families settled in this city. There are also smaller villages in Moldavia that became homes of Polish people – who now write their own history there, in Moldavian land.



Since I was a child, I have always heard that people should not fear difficulties but overcome them. When I was growing up I started to realize the meaning of these words and what exactly these difficulties were. When you’re a child parents earn for a living, prepare food, clean the house – you are having fun at kindergarten, without paying much attention to everyday problems.

At home we were always speaking many languages: Russian – because everyone in Moldavia speaks Russian; Ukrainian – that’s because of our mother, who is Ukrainian and wanted us to know it as a second language; Polish – as our grandmother always told that we should know the tongue of our ancestors.

I think that is the reason why I have started to be more and more interested in foreign languages. When I was six I went with my mother to Polish House (DomPolski), which was located near to our place. I was immediately attracted by Polish language classes because they involved many interesting, multicolor books, paints, games and pictures.

During the first classes we were sculpting with modeling clay and painting the nature, then the teacher thought us how to name all these things in Polish. Next were the music classes during which we learned songs that were later sung by us for our parents at school concerts.

As a teenager I realized that I want to study in Poland and later on, with greater motivation I stared to learn the language, culture and history of this country. I have learned language and grammar quickly, and I have also participated in poetry evenings and music shows organized by Polish House in Bielce.

In order to make my tiny little dream come true, after the 12th grade I started to practice for the exams which later on I have succeeded to pass. Thanks to that, I left to Poland.

What do I like about Poland?

The people of course! They are open and helpful. If you arrived in Poland from a foreign country and you speak different language, you will always fins a person willing to help you – even if the Google translator will be the necessity to communicate.

I do enjoy tradition and holidays of Poland. Although I have Polish roots, my family celebrates New Year’s Eve rather than Christmas.

As every city has its unique beauty, I much enjoy admiring it during the night walks.

If anyone asked me is it worth leaving the homeland and your family, I will always say . . . it is worth it. People are always afraid of being alone in a foreign country without close relatives, leaving behind everything they got used to. But if you dream about something you should do everything to make it happen.

As for me Poland is a country that is worth visiting, living in, and it is a dream worth dreaming.

By Maria Bereziuk