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Restoration of citizenship is one of the ways of becoming Polish citizen, next to the naturalization by operation of law, or granting it from the President and recognition as a Polish citizen.

Polish citizenship is restored to a foreigner who lost is before January 1, 1999, on the basis of the previous regulations on Polish citizenship. The law describes situations when the citizenship cannot be restored. This refers to a foreigner who:

  • voluntarily entered the service in the armies of the Axis powers in the period from September 1, 1939 to  May 8, 1945;
  • adopted in the period from September 1, 1939 to 8 May 1945. Public office in the service of the Axis powers or their allies;
  • whose actions were detrimental to Poland, especially its independence and sovereignty, or the foreigner participated in human rights violations;

Polish citizenship is not restored if it carries a threat to defense or safety of the state, or the safety and public order.

Restoration of Polish citizenship is made on request of a foreigner submitted via form to Minister of Internal Affairs, and in case of a person residing outside Poland to a consul according to the place of stay. Such application should include:

  • foreigner’s personal data;
  • residence address;
  • declaration of having Polish citizenship in the past and circumstances of its loss;
  • residence address on the territory of Poland before the loss of Polish citizenship;
  • cv.

The applicant should enclose:

  • documents confirming identity and citizenship;
  • documents confirming the change of the name and surname if such occurred;
  • all possessed documents confirming the loss of Polish citizenship;
  • a photograph of a person mentioned in the application.

Any applications, certifications and documents that were prepared in a foreign language should be submitted together with translation made or certified by a sworn translator or consul.

The minister, before providing making the decision turns to the Head Commandant of the Police and the Head Officer of the Internal Security Agency for information if the restoration of citizenship does not threat the defense or safety and public order and if the foreigner’s actions were detrimental to Poland, especially its independence and sovereignty, or the foreigner participated in human rights violations.

If during the proceeding authority doubts whether we do not have Polish citizenship already, they forward our request to a Voivode in order to conduct the proceedings on the confirmation of Polish citizenship. If it turns out that we have Polish citizenship, the Voivodeship will issue a decision on the confirmation of having our Polish citizenship.

The procedure for restoration of Polish citizenship ends with a decision of the minister responsible for internal affairs. The case is pending in accordance with the provisions of Administrative Procedure. (more in 'Administrative Proceedings' section)

Legal basis:

1. Act of 2 April 2009 on Polish citizenship.