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Conditions of employment in Poland are different depending on whether a foreigner is a student of full-time or extramural studies.

Foreign nationals who have obtained a temporary stay permit as students willing to continue their studies, are exempt from the obligation to have a work permit, which means you are free to take employment on the Polish territory.

You should know that from 1 May 2015 obligation of a work permit has been abolished in relation to full-time students and participants of doctoral studies in the Republic of Poland.

Foreign gradates, graduating from Polish universities, Polish Academy of Sciences, PhDs in full-time studies mode can perform work without work permits.

Other students released from obligation of having a work permit:

• Students who work within the professional internships, which event driven organizations that are members of international associations of students;
• Students who perform work within the framework of cooperation between public employment services and their foreign partners, if necessary their employment is confirmed by the competent authority of employment;
• university students or students of vocational schools in the Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area not belonging to the European Union or the Swiss Confederation who work through apprenticeships provided rules of study or curriculum, subject to referral to the practice of higher education or profession;
• persons participating in programs of cultural exchange and educational programs, humanitarian assistance programs or summer job students, organized in consultation with the minister for labor affairs;

Students in the extramural mode are obliged to have a work permit.


Legal basis:
1. Act on employment promotion and labor market institutions,
2. Foreigners Act,
3. Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 21 April 2015. On the cases in which, employing a foreigner on the Polish territory is allowed without having to obtain a work permit.