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Registration of  temporary or permanent residence serves only for record purposes, and to verify person’s stay at the place he/she provided in the registration form. The registration of residence is mandatory for Polish citizens as well as for foreigners, however the rules of registering are different.

The citizens of EU member states, citizens of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland staying on the territory of Poland are obliged to registry their stay, and provide the address of their temporary or permanent residence no longer than 30 days from arrival in this place. The same rule applies to members of their family.

Other foreigners staying on the territory of Poland are obliged to register their place of permanent or temporary stay no longer than 4 days after their arrival in this place. The declared period of their temporary stay at this address cannot exceed the period they are allowed to stay in Poland legally.

In order to register the residence, go to the commune office according to the address of residence. Next, one should submit a complete registration form, provide all documents entitling to the legal stay on the territory of Poland and valid travel document (in case of EU citizens it can be other ID). Additionally, it is mandatory to confirm the address of stay. The document validating such information may be a contract of lease or deed of ownership.

Remember that a foreigner, who will complete the registration obligation, subjects to a fine. This shall not concern citizens of EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Legal base:

The Act of 24 September 2010 of the population census.