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The foreigner who obtained refugee status in Poland or subsidiary protection, as well as their family members who reside in Polish on the basis of temporary residence permits granted to family reunification is entitled - apart from the social assistance benefits granted on a general basis - to aid to supporting the process of integration, commonly known as integration support. Integration assistance is not entitled to a spouse of a Polish citizen.


Such assistance is granted at the request of a foreigner by the district governor competent for the place of residence of the applicant. The application shall be submitted through the district family assistance center, within 60 days from the date of obtaining refugee status, subsidiary protection or a temporary residence permit granted due to family reunification. Such request shall include the minor children of the foreigner and a spouse, if a spouse also obtained refugee status or subsidiary protection or has a temporary residence permit granted in connection with family reunification. The application should include:

• a written declaration of intention to live in a particular province;
• a written statement that the foreigner did not apply for similar application in another province;
• a written statement of readiness to join the agreed program of integration.

The application, in addition to the documents that may help in the development of the integration program, must be accompanied by documents proving residence status in Poland, i.e .:

• in the case of foreigners who have obtained refugee status in Poland - a copy of the decision on granting refugee status, travel document provided within the Geneva Convention and the residence card issued in connection with granting refugee status;
• in the case of a foreigner, who received a subsidiary protection - a copy of the decision on refusal to grant refugee status, which was granted subsidiary protection and a residence card issued in connection with the granting of subsidiary protection;
• in the case of holders of a temporary residence permit issued for family reunification with a recognized refugee status or a foreigner who has been granted subsidiary protection - a copy of the decision on the permit for temporary stay and residence card issued in connection with obtaining a temporary residence permit due to the merging families.

Integration assistance is granted for a period not longer than 12 months from the calendar month in which the application was submitted and the assistance for foreigners residing in centers for foreigners are entitled to from the calendar month in which the center was left.

This includes:
• cash benefit ranging from 606 to 1335 PLN monthly per person, which is intended to maintain and to cover the expenses connected with learning Polish language;
• paying health insurance premiums;
• social work;
• specialist advice, including legal advice, psychological and family;
• providing information and support in contacts with other institutions, in particular the labor market institutions, the local community and non-governmental organizations;
• other measures to support the process of integration of foreigners.

Help is implemented as part of a personal reintegration program, which is agreed between the poviat family support center and a foreigner.

This program takes into account the individual situation of the foreigner and his family, and determines the amount, scope and forms of assistance. It also contains the obligations imposed on both the county family support center and a foreigner.

During the duration of the assistance programme a foreigner should reside in a place designated by the governor; change of the place of stay is recognized as resignation of the programme. In particularly justified cases, change of place of residence is acceptable. This concerns:

• work with the possibility of living in another county;
• obtaining housing in another poviat;
• family reunification;
• the need of receiving specialized treatment, which requires a change of residence of the foreigner or a member of his family.

Any of the abovementioned situations must be reported to the poviat family support centre where the assistance programme was started. This must include documents certifying the situation that occurred.

The integration assistance may be withheld; this will be done in case:

• of persistent, culpable failure to fulfill obligations described in the program, including the unjustified absence on Polish language courses – suspension for 30 days;
• of inappropriate use of the aid – suspension for 30 days;
• of providing false information about life situation - suspension until the clarification of the situation;
• of foreigner’s stay in health institution exceeds 30 days – suspension until foreigner’s leave;
• of initiation of criminal proceedings against the foreigner - until the final completion of the proceeding.

Integration assistance restores immediately after the termination of reasons due to which it was suspended. If these reasons are not terminated after the above periods of suspension, the decision to grant integration assistance will be annulled. Such a decision shall be repealed when:

• a foreigner, commits actions justifying suspension of the integration aid repeatedly;
• during the individual integration program the foreigner has been convicted of an offense committed intentionally;
• foreigner was deprives of refugee status, or when subsidiary protection or temporary residence permit granted to family reunification was revoked.

If the integration aid was stopped and it was extended to other persons, it is continued in relation to these people until the end of the individual integration program.

Legal basis:
The Act of 12 March 2004 on Social Assistance
Council of Ministers of 14 July 2015 on the Revised Income Criteria and the Amount of Cash Benefits from Social Assistance