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The right to social assistance benefits are granted only to certain groups of foreigners residing and staying on Polish territory:

  • persons with a permanent residence permit,
  • persons with a permit for long-term resident of the European Union,
  • foreigners with temporary residence permit granted to family reunification, if they are a family member of a person who resides in Poland in connection with granting refugee status or granting subsidiary protection,
  • persons who have obtained refugee status in Poland,
  • foreigners with subsidiary protection.

Some benefits, such as shelter, food, clothing are granted to foreigners who have obtained residence permit due to humanitarian reasons or tolerated stay permit. An additional condition for entitlement to these benefits, the same as in the case of other persons entitled to social assistance, is to have a place of residence on Polish territory – people entitled to social assistance must stay within Polish territory while receiving social benefits.

The right to benefits in the form of crisis intervention, shelter, food, clothing and purpose benefit is also granted to foreigners residing in Poland on the basis of a certificate issued to persons for which there is a presumption that they are victims of human trafficking, as well as foreigners who hold a residence permit time for the victims of human trafficking.

Legal basis:

The Act of 12 March 2004 on Social Assistance