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Legalization of a Stay and Registration of Residence

Any foreigner coming to Poland is obliged to register the stay (regardless of citizenship). Below are information concerning registration of residence. More detailed information may be found in Legal information section, and local subpages (Warsaw, Lublin, Cracow).

Citizens of EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland:

  • when staying up to 3 month in Poland do not have to register their stay,
  • in case of a stay that lasts longer that 3 months, they are obliged to register their stay together with justification (e.g. studies at university). Application for registration of a stay should be submitted to corresponding Voivodeship office one day after the 3 months stay at the latest,
  • in case of a stay that lasts longer than two weeks, a foreigner should make temporary registration of a stay (for 3 months) within 4 days from arrival. Registration of a stay should be made in corresponding municipal or commune office.

More information on following websites: UDsC and


Legal basis:
The Act of 14 July 2006. On Entering the Polish Territory, Stay and Departure from the Territory of Nationals of the Member States of the European Union and Members of Their Families.