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Any foreigner coming to Poland is obliged to register the stay (regardless of citizenship). Below are information concerning registration of residence. More detailed information may be found in Legal information section, and local subpages (Warsaw, Lublin, Cracow).


Citizens out of EU, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland:

Entering the Polish territory is on basis of visa issues on the territory of the country of origin. Foreigners are obliged to register their stay immediately after arrival, and if they are willing to stay longer than visa document assumes, they must apply for a permit for a temporary stay. The application should be justified (e.g. studying on a university). The application must be submitted the last day of visa validity at the latest! – in corresponding Voivodeship office. Permission is issued after payment of a fee. Confirmation of permit is Stay Card, which together with passport allows the bearer to cross borders for multiple times without necessity of having a visa.

Good to know that according to new regulation on foreigners from 12.12.2013 (coming into force on 01.05.2014) permissions for foreigners studying in Poland are issued for following periods of time:

  • first permission for 1 year and 3 months (15 months),
  • first permission in case of a foreigner staying in Poland shorter than 1 year – is issued for the time of academic year and for additional 3 moths,
  • for foreigners continuing their studies in another academic year – the permission is issued for 3 years,
  • what is more, foreigners-graduates from Polish universities looking for a job in Poland may stay additional 1 year.

More information on following websites: UDsC and


Legal basis:
1. The Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners.
2. Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 19 May 2014. On the minimum amount of financial resources that would have to have a foreigner who intends on Polish territory to take up or continue their studies and documents which confirm the possibility of obtaining such funds.
3. Council of Ministers of 24 February 2016. Amending the regulation on the minimum amount of funds required for a foreigner taking or continuing studies on Polish territory, and documents which confirm the possibility of obtaining such funds.