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Foreigners may decide on whether they choose accommodation offered by university (student houses or dormitories) or desire to find a flat on their own (rental). More detailed information concerning accommodation may be found on local subpages (Warsaw, Lublin, Cracow) in accommodation sections.

Living costs

Living costs depend on the place of accommodation. Academic centres in Poland are mainly located in major cities where costs are higher than in other parts of the country. However, there are differences between academic cities, so it is advisable to visit Everyday Life section on subpages of this website in order to see the relative costs of living in those cities (Warsaw, Lublin, Cracow).

Health insurance

Students are obliged to have health insurance valid on the territory of Poland. All problems concerning health insurance may be solved in Voivodeship branches of National Health Fund (NFZ). More detailed information concerning health insurance in certain cities may be found on subpages of this website (Warsaw, Lublin, Cracow) in Health Care and Legalization of a Stay sections.

Things to check before leaving:

- visa application (if necessary) and/or the validity of passport/travel document
- copies of necessary documents
- document testifying validity of health insurance in the country of origin
- issuing of ISIC card
- settle all payments connected with departure
- look for accommodation
- organize the trip
- plan the budget
- bank accounts and roaming
- information concerning Poland, city of destination
- leave information of our place of stay to our relatives

Legal basis:
The Act of 27 July 2005. Law on Higher Education