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All foreigners may undertake studies at Polish universities. Admission rules vary depending on foreigners’ legal status in Poland.

Studies on the same legal basis as Polish citizens

Foreigners applying for studies on the same legal basis as Polish citizens (full-time studies on public universities).

•    foreigners with permit for settlement

•    foreigners with refugee status in Poland

•    foreigners with temporary protection in Poland

•    migrant workers, citizens of EU countries

•    foreigners with long-term residence permit received in Poland or any other EU country

•    foreigners with subsidiary protection received in Poland

•    foreigners with valid Polish Card

Studies on a different legal basis than Polish citizens

Persons not mentioned above may undertake studies on a different legal basis than Polish citizens. This applies to third country nationals, but also persons who refuse the admissions on the same legal basis as Polish citizens.


Foreigners willing to start their studies at Polish universities must have a diploma or certification allowing them to start higher education in their countries of origin. This means that a citizen of Croatia in order to begin the first-tier studies at Polish university, must have a diploma or certification allowing to undertake studies in Croatia.

Foreigners with such documents may apply for studies on different legal basis that Polish citizens.


Foreigners undertaking studies on different legal basis than Polish citizens may educate on following financial basis:

a) as Polish stipendists (Polish government)

b) as stipendists of the sending country (government of the other country)

Scholarships mentioned above are granted to foreigners by Polish diplomatic establishments or institutions from countries of origin responsible for academic exchange on basis of international agreements. Those scholarships cover the costs of education and living of a foreigner.

c) without costs and financial grants

Foreigners accepted at universities on such terms are not charged with payments, however, they must cover their living costs on their own. The way of applying for such scholarship is the same as in points a) and b), through Polish diplomatic establishments or corresponding institutions on the territory of the country of origin on the basis of international agreements.

d) paid studies

In this case all costs related to studying (tuition fees and living costs), must be covered by a foreigner. Tuition fees depend on degree courses and universities however it is estimated that the annual costs should not be less than 2000 €. This shall be extended by additional 200 € of one-time admission fee, paid before starting the first-tier studies (this cost may be lowered or abolished by the chancellor after submission of corresponding application together with justification). For foreigners with Polish origin rates for studies are 70% of standard rates.

Legal basis:

The Act of 27 July 2005 . Law on Higher Education